History of Map Ta Phut Technical College, Rayong
Map Ta Phut Technical College, 234 Ratburana Road, Huay Pong Sub-District, Muang District, Rayong Province. It was established on June 28, 1994 on 95 acres of Treasury Department land and 10 rai of National Reserved Forest area, totaling 105 rai, from Sukhumvit Road to the north, approximately 7 kilometers from the center. Rayong province is about 14 km and Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate. New urban area of ​​Map Ta Phut about 10 km. It is 90 meters above sea level.

1. History of Establishment of Location
The government has announced the Rayong and Chonburi. It is the industrial development of the country. The coastal area is convenient for transportation by land, sea and air. The Eastern Seaboard Project was established and the gas separation plant was established in Map Ta Phut and Huai Pong. Maptaphut Industrial Estate, then the industrial plant from the gas separation plant is rapidly growing. Lack of labor force. The National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) has urgently solved the problem and has the idea to produce labor to enter the industry in time. And meet the requirements. It was assigned to the Department of Vocational Education. Ministry of Education Establishment of an educational institution is urgently needed at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Muang District, Rayong Province.

Current Status
Educational level and field of study The education level is offered at the vocational certificate level and vocational certificate level (Vocational Certificate). High Vocational Certificate (Diploma)

Diploma of Vocational Education (Vocational)
1. Department of Machine Tools and Maintenance
1.2 Branches of Machinery

2. Electrical and Electronics
2.1 Power Sector
2.2. Electronic Branches

3. Mechanical Engineering

3.1 Automotive Engineering

4. Computer Business

4.1 Information Technology Branch

4.2 Branch Office Technology

5. Department of Metallurgical Engineering

5.1 Branch Manager


High Vocational Certificate (Diploma)
1. Petrochemical Branch
2. Field of Machine Tools
3. Electromechanical Branch
4. Industrial Electronics

5. Automotive Engineering

6. Information Technology Branch

3. Objectives and Philosophy of Educational Institution, Map Ta Phut Technical College, Rayong

Purpose of College
1. Provide vocational and vocational training. In the shortage of more. To meet the needs of the labor market in the East Coast Development Area, such as the technical fields of production. Industrial Electronics Electromechanical courses are available to students from all over the country.
2. Training Center To develop personnel in the establishments and personnel of the Department of Vocational Education. In the new technology.
3. Organize teaching and learning in the bilateral system at the high school diploma level with the industrial factories in Map Ta Phut and neighboring areas.
4. Prepare students To increase the capacity of work and increase knowledge (high school).

"Philosophy of the College" is good, moral, leading vision, development "

Vision of Map Ta Phut Technical College

Vision: To be the leader in the production of qualified, ethical, skilled and ethical workers who are able to efficiently meet the labor market needs and live in society effectively.

Mission: All teachers develop and implement lesson plans that focus on learners. The personnel of the institution must be learning personnel. Personnel and students must evaluate their own performance at least once per semester. Students of the school must prepare a file. To show the development of their work. Educational institutions participate in community development and community participation in educational development. Follow the Thai culture, rules, social and educational institutions to create a beautiful environment and sustainable preservation. Use modern technology in a cost effective way. Publish works of the school to the community continuously.

Contact Map Ta Phut Technical College, Rayong
Address 234 Ratburana Road, Huai Pong District, Rayong 21150 Thailand
Phone Number: 038-026479
Fax: 038026480
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